Site security is our specialty. While on the job, at home, or away from both, STADT Professionals will ensure your assets are under constant surveillance and patrol.


  • Tailored services to your needs identified through professional consultation. Based on the outcome of an on-site assessment, this could be a culmination of both STATIC and MOBILE security, or an ongoing training agreement. Select packages identified as Diamond, Platinum, and Silver are great steps as you get started with the process. One of our many goals is accomplishing your safety and security needs within budgetary constraints. 

Day, night, rain, shine, or any other environment you can think of, STADT Professionals will stand guard for you.

STATIC SECURITY (Available Soon)

  • Private security services that are proven to protect most things you consider to be an asset. Whether you're looking to contract un-armed or armed professionals; our specialty is to provide an on-point, on-site, physical security presence that identifies, mitigates, and exposes threats to your operational environment. 

  • Facility Defense & Access Control Management
  • Presence Patrol, Fire Watch & Rover Duties
  • Physical Presence, Deterrent & Reporting
  • Threat Identification & Hazard Mitigation
  • Evidence Preservation & Criminal Witness

Executive transport under active control and security is the way some of our clients desire to travel.

MOBILE "WPS Program" (Available Soon)

  • Our company vehicle will be the source of transportation on site or across the state where you will be able to choose from experienced chauffeur services and/or a highly trained WPS professional for that added safety and maneuverability. Our WPS professionals are in possession of a California issued concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit for Client protection on and off the road.


  • Personal & Personnel Protection
  • Chauffer, Transporter
  • Tactical Driver