Diamond Defense

Platinum Protection

Platinum Protection

  • A 365 partner to security management: Identify, establish oversight, and provide solutions to your programs while you operate within them!


Platinum Protection

Platinum Protection

Platinum Protection

  • Actively strengthen your establishment: Partnering a methodical approach that aligns your safety and security needs with active solutions! 


Silver Service

Platinum Protection

Silver Service

  • Standardized training in emergency readiness and response: Your plan is in place but your team needs some dedicated training.  

Identify the hazards and plan accordingly before it's to late to prevent


  • Interactive training we will teach you to recognize warning signs of possible violent acts or shooters and effective actions you could take if one occurs. We empower you with the typical timeline of an active life-altering event; when to evade, when to seek cover/concealment, and when to seek alternate survival techniques.

An area not secured is an area exposed to inimical activity.

EMERGENCY ACTION PLANS (Ensuring an organized response within a chaotic event)

  • Emergency action plans are common in every environment. STADT creates EAP's that are tailored to your establishment. We are here to ensure your plan is safe and effective in the event of an actual emergency. 

Get a visual understanding of deficiencies within your safety and security programs and plan accordingly.

VULNERABILITY & THREAT ASSESSMENT (Be sure you're safe, don't just think you are)

  • Conducting a thorough on-site tour of your environment with safety and security at the forefront of our assessment. This assessment involves both  standard business hour operational threats and after hour vulnerabilities. This service is utilized to correct unknown safety and security deficiencies, gain resourceful information about reducing undesirable outcomes while delivering safe and desirable results.      



  • Ensure that you have all your policies up to date, in place, and in accordance with operational procedures? Desire to double check your operational status to identify the 360 effort of doing everything possible to ensure total safety and/or security within your work environment? Need a subject matter expert to partner with your team? If you answered YES, contact us today! 

Maintain compliance with safety and security standards within your industry.


  • For those with the need of a safety and security program manager within your workplace. We will work to assist you with the majority of your safety and security needs and goals. This program is designed to save you time and money in the long-term while delivering peace of mind at parallel.    

Need assistance identifying, planning, prioritizing, and budgeting your future safety and security.


  • If you find that after considering everything above and your still unsure of which area aligns with your need; please don't hesitate to contact us. We truly have the safety and security of all in mind. We strive to do what's best for your organization, and we understand that financial burdens can and/or do exist. Check and see what we will strive to accomplish for you today. We look forward to it!