Read Into The Logo?

The flag is meant to look similar to "Old Glory" in flight, waving patriotically in the wind and proudly being displayed while advancing forward to meet the objective.

The stars on the flag are made up of two separate shapes and represent two separate entities within the tactical environment of field-operations during  battle. The six 90 degree angles represent a light ground-force in a diamond pattern formation with the team-lead highlighted in red. STADT is portrayed as the outer elements protecting the lead (our client) as they advance to save life and/or work to eliminate risk. The three trapezoid figures represent "fixed wing" air support, something that truly increases moral when you have found your team nearly defeated. It also represents the additional resources STADT provides to ensure our clients are not left alone while encountering a difficult situation.  

The stripes are subdued black and grey for operational environments within a tactical setting. Although the standard red, white, and blue is preferred, the concept for lower visibility is ideal when the element of surprise is desired (i.e, if you cant see it, it isn't there).   

A question received from those with attention to even the finest detail is...what does the last "T" in STADT stand for? The answer however, is two part, one that you will receive upon incorporating our services, while the other is reserved for the completion of them!