With so many Defibrillator (AED) options to choose, how do I know I'm making the best selection?


  • Based on the service need, amount of employees, and environment your facility is located, STADT will identify the best selection to cover every concern (including national registration of unit) 
    • Understanding your potential budget restrictions for these resources, we will ensure you are provided the best value and price available on the market. 
    • You want to save a life in the event of an actual emergency and we want to ensure your set up for success.

We want to get our employees trained on "Active Shooter Drills", does STADT do on-site training?


  • Yes, in fact we prefer to train your employees within the daily working environment they are exposed to! 
    • The goal is to inform (not scare) your employees so they are more equipped and trained to act when an emergency situation exists. 
    • The plus side to this training is based on real-life, real-statistics, real-actions, and real-results. 
    • Additionally, it will enhance the 'team' mentality that identifies threats and reduces liability. 
    • End of year Tax Purposes

What is the difference between ASHI and AHA when selecting a First Aid/CPR/AED Certification?


  • American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) is a cheaper option program with values and training aligned with the AHA 
    • (This option is the standard choice for most industries). 
  • Most choosing American Heart Association (AHA) select this course based on mandated regulations imposed on their organization to choose the AHA option 
    • (This option is parallel with the ASHI program however, the cost is higher based on the national accreditation). Common choice for those within an educational setting. 

What if I need multiple services and products you provide, do I get any kind of discount?

You bet! You can choose any of our packaged service options under the "preventive" tab or custom create your own based on needs and we'll save you a minimum of 10%. Some of our clients have received up to 50% off through continued contracts or larger purchases. Remember, STADT wants you to save a life and protect your assets, not the alternative. 

Are your Consulting Services something my Directors, Managers, Employees and/or Faculty can do?

Why of course! In most cases we highly encourage your establishment to have a point person in charge of safety and security within. We prefer to come alongside them and assist with the development process while also identifying clear goals to achieve in the future. Our goal is to ensure that you can be self sufficient from within.