Emergency Management Planning



  • Through our interactive training we will teach you to recognize warning signs of possible violent acts or shooters and effective actions you could take if one occurs. We will also discuss the typical timeline of a shooting event, when to evade, when to seek cover/concealment, and when to seek alternate survival techniques. Knowledge of pre-incident indicators are considered critical to the STADT team for advanced preparedness. Adequate training for a timely reaction with a life-saving response can make all the difference for those on scene. (FREE if contracted with other service(s)).

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EMERGENCY ACTION PLANS (Ensuring an organized response within a chaotic event)

  • Emergency action plans are common in every environment however, for those that lack clear direction and up to date procedures, this is for you. We create EAP's from scratch that are tailored to your establishment. When considering STADT as your servicer, know that we consider you our number one priority. We are here to serve you; we are here to ensure your plan is safe and effective in the event of an actual emergency. 

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VULNERABILITY & THREAT ASSESSMENT (Be sure you're safe, don't just think you are)

  • We conduct a thorough on-site tour of your environment with safety and security at the forefront of our assessment. This assessment involves both  standard business hour operational threats and after hour vulnerabilities. This service is utilized to correct unknown safety and security deficiencies, gain resourceful information about mitigating undesirable outcomes while delivering safe and desirable results.      

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