Our Team

  • For over 17 years, the STADT team continues to demonstrate superlative performance in high-pressure environments while instilling safety and security within the management of cross-function member teams! STADT has earned a solid reputation for improving organizational performance through hands-on training that emphasizes decision making through observations, knowledge of abilities, past performance, and active listening. We have extensive knowledge in the safety, emergency operations, and security management fields, with vast array of hands-on experience putting these skills to test during combat operations. We specialize in the creation of action plans, in-depth vulnerability assessments, and various types of life-saving training. 


Instructors & Consultants

  • Team tactics, emergency actions, and first-aid training provide assistance with a life-saving response for just about every physical incident you may encounter. When our instructors certify your corporation you can expect to receive a professional and memorable course ready for action in the event of a real-time emergency. Our Consultants strive to ensure a secure facility and personnel safety assurance by assessing your establishment for vulnerabilities. They have prevented loss and damage, identified irregularities leading to corrective actions, and have eliminated the ability for the continuation of various undesired actions.


Our Contribution

  • STADT is dedicated to serving communities while creating pathways for proven leaders to climb the ‘ladder of success’ within the safety and security industry. STADT is committed to offering additional resources that instill team training, threat knowledge and information to others. Our desired outcome is to make the environment in which clients are living, working and/or playing, safer and more secure. As an added bonus STADT is able to help support local ministries holding a worldwide footprint with monetary and volunteer contributions that assist with greater needs and quality of life. 

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