A small business with a global impact.

  • Strategic Threat Assessment & Defense, Inc. (STADT) a California corporation registered SB/DVBE, is a professional team that will always place the mission first when contracted to accomplish specific client needs. Our focus is to ensure you remain proactive in regards to safety and security daily. We are the source used for safety training and security consulting, developing action plans, emergency management, and more. We increase situational awareness, operational effectiveness, and emergency incident response.

STADT is the missing link to your safety and security.

  • Strategic Threat Assessment & Defense provides physical security solutions and certified training to individuals, educational institutes, religious establishments, small businesses, large corporations, and various communities. STADT strives to ensure that all client needs are tended to prior to being noticed. Through teamwork and attention to detail, STADT will customize client risk(s) to ensure overall quality of coverage and service. With on-site consultants and/or instructors, our team(s) will go great lengths to inform, train, and serve STADT clients.

STADT, developing relations across the globe with a community mindset to partnering strategic programs within safety and security.

  • Our clients appreciate our strategic consultations and structured training for a safer and more secure operational environment. They understand the necessity of having a defense strategy aside from the standard box-like thinking that deters undesired activities. They recognize the need for assistance in preventing negative results in the absence of first responders and/or law enforcement officers. They value our dedication to providing the best services through veterans within the industry. They appreciate our support, professionalism, training, and recommendations for safety, security, and overall success.

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